• 11.30.2022  |  CARB-X presentation: “Using media to tell AMR stories.” The AMR Ambassadors Program for Young People in Africa hosted Robin Berghaus from CARB-X to speak about media strategies for telling antimicrobial resistance stories. The webinar explores different media platforms, including video, radio, podcasts, op-eds and educational outreach. Topics include pitching, networking and how to create relatable messages to educate about antibiotic resistance with local and international audiences. The program is sponsored by Students Against Superbugs Africa with support from PAR Foundation. Download
  • 10.13.2022  |  CARB-X and stakeholders workshop: “Accelerating the Development and Uptake of Rapid Diagnostics to Address Antibiotic Resistance.” The public workshop with Betsy Wonderly Trainer from CARB-X and other key stakeholders reviews the current landscape of rapid point-of-care diagnostics to address antibiotic resistance, considers challenges and opportunities for spurring innovation, and discusses practical steps for accelerating the development of new diagnostics. Download
  • 05.06.2021  |  CARB-X and Wellcome Trust webinar on Stewardship and Access. A discussion of the principles of stewardship and access and their connection to CARB-X’s mission, and of the Stewardship and Access Plan Development guide which is designed to help product developers create plans to ensure that their products once marketed are used responsibly and are made accessible to patients who need them. Download
  • 11.17.2020  |  CARB-X webinar ‘Tackling Resistant Bacteria: Exciting Science in the CARB-X Portfolio’ featuring presentations on Eligo, Peptilogics and Vedanta projects – Recording Download
  • 11.02.2020  |  CARB-X presentation to the 5th iCARE congress, October 29, 2020. Presented by Erin Duffy, CARB-X R&D Chief Download
  • 06.26.2020  |  The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) webinar announcing a new initiative, the Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease (PFID). Features public opinion research related to AMR and support for policy changes to help fight it. Download
  • 05.28.2020  |  CARB-X webinar on Preparing for an FDA Pre-IND Meeting: Planning for Success – Recording Download
  • 05.28.2020  |  CARB-X webinar on Preparing for an FDA Pre-IND Meeting: Planning for Success – Presentation Slides Download
  • 07.09.2019  |  Cystic Fibrosis Foundation webinar on Funding Opportunities for Antimicrobial Drug Development, presented by Dr. Ann Field, Senior Director Drug Discovery and Development, June 11, 2019 Download
  • 04.30.2019  |  2019 Funding Rounds – presentation slides Download
  • 08.21.2018  |  FDA Public Workshop: Development of Non-Traditional Therapies for Bacterial Infections Download
  • 08.01.2018  |  Animal Compliance Webinar for Round1 Long Form Applicants Download
  • 06.14.2018  |  Clinical trial designs for non-traditional antibiotics – Kevin Outterson and John Rex at Duke-Margolis Center Download
  • 03.29.2018  |  CARB-X 2018 Funding Rounds_3-29-18 Download
  • 03.09.2018  |  Introducing CARB-X Download
  • 12.13.2016  |  CARB-X and support for new tools for management of drug-resistant bacterial infections Download
  • 12.08.2016  |  NIAID and the National Strategy for CARB-X Download
  • 11.30.2016  |  Economic models to stimulate antibiotic development Download