$155 million for drug development to fight deadly superbugs: Wellcome Trust is partnering with CARB-X to address the rise of drug-resistant superbugs. Tim Jinks explains the challenges we face from superbugs and what Wellcome and CARB-X are doing to support the development of new antibiotics, rapid diagnostics, vaccines and other life-saving products to prevent and treat drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Are We Headed Toward A Post-Antibiotic World? In this video, NPR explains how antibiotic resistance happens — and what we can do to avoid living in a post-antibiotic world.

Promoting Pioneers – Colombia: Scientists are working with farmers to create a surveillance network tracking the spread of antimicrobial resistance in poultry farms and figure out how that might be affecting human health.

Has bacteria won the war? Check out the new film produced by the Longitude Prize. They traveled to Chennai, Pune and Delhi to capture the perspective from patients, doctors and researchers on drug resistance in India.