Application Process

Application Process

Application process

The successful applicant will progress through the three-stage process outlined below.

1. Non-confidential Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • Fillable template for salient details of proposed project
  • Evaluated by CARB-X Research & Development Team for responsiveness
  • Visit Apply Here to begin this process

2. Confidential project narrative and budget (“full proposal”)

  • Fillable template for data-rich proposal, with several required attachments and detailed budget
  • Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC)-focused programs might qualify for funding through the Official Development Assistance program
  • Juried by a multidisciplinary external Advisory Board
  • Scoring based on several value and risk categories and criteria

3. Focused presentation to Advisory Board

  • Short virtual presentation, followed by focused questions and answers
  • Juried by a multidisciplinary external Advisory Board
  • Recommendations made to CARB-X

Decisions on projects that will advance into negotiations to enter the CARB-X portfolio are made by the CARB-X Investment Committee (CIC).