Application Process

Application Process

If you have questions

We highly encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions. In addition, the slides from our webinar on this funding round are available here.

Application process

The successful applicant will progress through the three-stage process outlined below.

1. Non-confidential Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • Fillable template for salient details of proposed project
  • Evaluated by CARB-X Research & Development Team for responsiveness
  • Visit Apply Here to begin this process

2. Confidential project narrative and budget (“full proposal”)

  • Fillable template for data-rich proposal, with several required attachments
  • Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC)-focused programs might qualify for funding through the Official Development Assistance program
  • Juried by a multidisciplinary external Advisory Board

3. Focused presentation to Advisory Board

  • Short virtual presentation, followed by focused questions and answers
  • Juried by a multidisciplinary external Advisory Board
  • Recommendations made to CARB-X

Decisions on projects that will advance into negotiations to enter the CARB-X portfolio are made by the CARB-X Investment Committee (CIC).