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  • 03.08.2023  |  Lumen Bio: ‘We face 2023 with tremendous optimism’

    BIOPHARMA REPORTER | Lumen Bioscience has been highlighting recent progress made on its clinical and regulatory journey while also announcing several funding milestones supporting the development of its therapeutics to prevent serious diarrheal diseases.

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  • 03.08.2023  |  As Superbugs Flourish, Bacteriophage Therapy Recaptures Researchers’ Interest

    JAMA | During the COVID-19 pandemic, antibiotic-resistant infections increased significantly, leading physicians to seek alternative treatments such as phage therapy, a century-old method that uses viruses to selectively kill bacteria. Despite its controversial history and the rise of antibiotics, phage therapy is gaining attention as a potential solution to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

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  • 03.08.2023  |  NBC NEWS | CDC warns about the rise in almost untreatable Shigella bacterial infections

    The drug-resistant stomach bug, a major cause of inflammatory diarrhea, is a “serious public health threat.”

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  • 03.02.2023  |  Interview with Dr. Su Chiang from CARB-X, a global antibiotic innovation accelerator

    ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE AWARENESS PODCAST | Host Ethan Rhee has a special guest to kick off Season 2. Dr. Su Chiang is a Senior Alliance Manager at CARB-X, a global non-profit antibiotic innovation accelerator.

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