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  • 04.11.2018  |  Innovative ways to pay for new antibiotics will help fight superbugs

    STAT | Although we’ve made great strides in the development of antibiotics since the discovery of penicillin in the early 20th century, we aren’t keeping up with the rise of superbugs — common bacteria that have acquired genes that make them resistant to most or all of our antibiotics. A commentary by Kevin Outterson.

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  • 03.30.2018  |  Super-gonorrhoea is here – that means the antibiotic crisis is too

    THE GUARDIAN | Highly drug-resistant bugs are no longer a future problem. After decades of complacency, urgency is needed. A commentary by Jeremy Knox

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  • 03.29.2018  |  Bug Money

    BIOCENTURY | Despite tremendous public health need, venture investing in antibiotics remains modest and focused primarily on clinical assets seeking to improve on known classes of small moledcule antibiotics. But some initiatives including CARB-X are backing new mechanisms and preclinical assets that could address resistance for longer.

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  • 03.15.2018  |  New thinking is required to create desperately needed new antibiotics. We must act now.

    THE TELEGRAPH | A commentary by Dr. Tim Jinks, Wellcome Trust

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  • 03.02.2018  |  Countdown to the last antibiotic. Where is the next generation of antibiotics going to come from?

    CHEMISTRY WORLD | The need for new antibiotics is urgent. Organizations like CARB-X are delivering solutions to the innovation challenge.

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