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CARB-X is a non-profit global partnership focused on accelerating the pre-clinical development of drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and other life-saving products to combat antibiotic resistance. CARB-X’s mission is to support innovative research in its rapidly growing diverse portfolio. The CARB-X team is dynamic and entrepreneurial. A unique aspect of the CARB-X model is the emphasis on supporting product developers with more than just money. CARB-X brings a holistic approach to working with companies and partners, by working with accelerators and collaborators around the world. CARB-X offices are located in the Boston University School of Law.


    The Alliance Director is a new scientific project management role on the growing R&D team of CARB-X. The Alliance Director will provide scientific leadership and direct the project management activities for a diverse portfolio of R&D projects across the entire life-cycle of CARB-X projects: managing the process of review and governance decision-making on applications for funding; negotiating contracts with appropriately risk-mitigated project plans and budgets; monitoring and supporting projects as they advance through milestones; and managing their graduation from the scope of CARB-X. The incumbent will be one of four peer leaders in this role, each of whom focuses on a technology area e.g. therapeutics, diagnostics or preventatives. The Alliance Director will report to the CARB-X Chief of R&D and will supervise a small portfolio management team. Full Job Description

    The Alliance Manager is a new role on the growing R&D team of CARB-X, providing scientific and business planning, technical support and assessment to a select group (sub-portfolio) of Product Developers across the entire life-cycle of CARB-X projects. The Alliance Manager will play an important role in the review of the scientific proposals and organizational capabilities of the applicants, helping CARB-X to select a few projects to fund out of the large number of applications received. When a Product Developer enters the CARB-X portfolio, the Alliance Manager will serve as the leader for support and oversight. The Alliance Manager will proactively identify potential future issues and develop mitigation plans, escalating concerns with proposed solutions for those concerns, to leadership. The Alliance Manager will steward transitions for the Product Developers, including Go/No-Go investment decisions, milestone reviews, down selections, and graduations. The Alliance Manager will contribute significantly to continuous improvements to CARB-X processes related to applicants and Product Developers. He/she will be an ambassador for CARB-X to the external community – interested applicants, portfolio companies, external experts and other stakeholders. The Alliance Manager will report to an Alliance Director as part of a portfolio management team.  Full Job Description