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  • 01.28.2015  |  The way we use antibiotics is broken. Blame nearly a century of drug marketing.

    The Washington Post | When our throats burn, we’re conditioned to reach for antibiotics. When our noses run, we hound doctors for antibiotics. When we’re too groggy to drive to the doctor, we search our medicine cabinets for leftover antibiotics.

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  • 01.08.2015  |  New class of antibiotic could turn the tables in battle against superbugs

    THE GUARDIAN | Scientists have discovered a new class of antibiotic using a revolutionary procedure hailed as a game changer in the hunt for medicines to fight drug-resistant infections. The antibiotic, called teixobactin, kills a wide range of drug-resistant bacteria, including MRSA and bugs that cause TB and a host of other life-threatening infections.

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