COVID-19: CARB-X remains open for business – virtually

CARB-X staff members are working from home. We continue to make payments to support the research programs in our portfolio, and will announce new awards as they are approved and contracts finalized.

Even as we cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we continue to support the development of new antibiotics, vaccines and diagnostics to address drug-resistant bacteria.


CARB-X is accelerating global antibacterial innovation by investing in the development of new antibiotics and other life-saving products to combat the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. Our projects represent the world’s largest pre-clinical and early development pipeline of antibiotics and other therapeutics, diagnostics, microbiome and vaccines. Since CARB-X was established in July 2016, it has invested $198.46 million in 59 projects around the world.











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The Challenge

Accelerate the development of novel antibiotics and other new approaches to address the emergence of drug-resistant superbugs.
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Spotlight on Science

T2 Biosystems’ diagnostic panel can identify superbug drug resistance days faster than current methods

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“Antibiotics transformed modern medicine but overuse and inappropriate use have led to dangerous bacteria developing deadly resistance. Drug discovery must go hand-in-hand with concerted action to ensure antibiotics of last resort are reserved for patients where first-line treatments will not work. And we must ensure these treatments are available in all countries for those who need them.”

— Tim Jinks, Head of Drug Resistant Infections, Wellcome Trust
Watch this video with Tim Jinks on what Wellcome Trust is doing to address the rise of drug-resistant bacteria.


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Boston, MA

Live Webinar: GARDP/REVIVE – Inhaled antimicrobials: Do we get the drug to the bug?


Boston, MA

Live Webinar: GARDP/REVIVE – Probability of target attainment analyses for dose selection in antimicrobial drug development


Boston, MA

Live Webinar: GARDP/REVIVE – Test tube to patient: PK/PD of fixed dose beta-lactam/beta-lactamase inhibitor combinations


  • 03.17.2020  |  CARB-X funds Microbiotix to develop a novel oral antibiotic to treat multidrug-resistant gonorrhea full release

  • 02.25.2020  |  CARB-X funds Peptilogics to develop a new class of antibiotics to treat serious superbug infections associated with implants full release

  • 02.18.2020  |  CARB-X funds Lytica Therapeutics to develop antibacterial peptides to treat drug-resistant infections in the lungs and other parts of the body full release

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In The News

  • 03.25.2020  |  Forge Enters into Collaboration with Roche to Develop Novel Antibiotic to Treat Lung Infections full story

  • 03.17.2020  |  Coronavirus Surprised The World, But Doctors Have Been Sounding The Alarm On Another Global Health Threat For Years full story

  • 02.24.2020  |  New Genomic Tests Aim to Diagnose Deadly Infections Faster full story

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